Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Week 1

Never before have I understood the term “Spanglish.” Until this point, I thought that it was the purposeful interjection of Spanish words in English sentences, used to demonstrate one’s academic prowess.


In reality, Spanglish is what comes out of your mouth when your brain doesn’t know how to retrieve the desired word in the correct language. I don’t think that I’ve said “yes,” since arriving here; only “sí,” even when speaking to fellow LASP students. It will only get worse from here…and I’m so excited about that.

Last weekend was the first with my Tican family. We went to a fería (a fruit and vegetable market), a kind of outdoor sports complex, a friend’s house (where I most definitely broke the lifestyle covenant by learning merengue), and the house of my papi’s parents. I am so blessed by the family. They are extremely patient with me, are a very loving family…and are constantly asking if I’m tired. In their defense, I have gone to bed by 10 pm almost every night, until last night. Last night was one of the best nights that I’ve had so far. After doing homework for a couple of hours, mi mami and papi and I talked for several hours. We didn’t stop talking until about 11:40, which is pretty late by Tican standards. We laughed a lot, and I even made a couple of jokes that garnered some belly laughs from mi papi. Sweet. I am so thankful for my family.

This is a week of beginnings. Every afternoon, Monday through Friday, all the LASP students attend Spanish classes at ICADS, a language school in Curridabat in San José. Our “classes” are made up of no more than 5 students of the same general level, and most of the “classrooms” are small rooms that open to a tropical courtyard. It’s a hard-knock life, I know. Sarah and I are in the same class, along with a couple of other great girls. On Tuesday and Thursday mornings, we also have seminars at the LASP offices. This week, we are also starting to understand the bus system, how not to get ripped off by taxis, etc.

Most interesting meal so far: approximately 5 scoops of ice cream, topped with 3 crushed cookies, half a can of Libby’s fruit cocktail, and red jello. ¡Que interesante!

I appreciate your thoughts and prayers, and know that I couldn’t get by without God’s help and your love. I thank God for the great people I am meeting here: Ticans, other LASP students, and the LASP staff. I pray that I am open to the changes that I need to make in myself and in my attitudes. Love yall!


  1. hurray, sweet friend! i love that you are loving it! happy happy for you!
    enough exclamation marks?
    don't eat too much ice cream and rest enough.
    miss and love you :)

  2. I am very glad to get these posts! We are glad for you and excited about what God will do in and through you. Be safe, and keep writing!

  3. Rhea, so glad that you made it safely and are loving it! Beautiful blog and I love the title and graphics. Can't wait to see everything that God will do in and through you. I pray for you daily. Be sure to get all the rest you can so you can continue to get completely well (I know, it's the momma in me). Love you! Blessings...Cheryl

  4. I love hearing all about your time away.. and I love the pictures of the 4 of you... makes me feel great that you have each other.